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July 16, 2010

A locals guide to Central Park, New York City

… tennis courts and baseball fields within the park for public use.

Horse carraige rides:

Everyone has to go on a famous New York City horse carraige ride through Central Park at least once in their life. These rides are offered year- …

June 27, 2010

Things to do in spring in New York City

… City has skyscrapers that seem to go on forever and this is a site to see for country folk. Go see as many broadway shows and plays as possible and enjoy some of the finest dining spots on the globe. New York City in Spring, a time to behold.

April 26, 2010

Best steakhouses in New York City

Hundreds of steakhouses dot the Manhattan landscape so, in an effort to help the discriminating diner, I have chosen five of the best New York has to offer. No matter which you choose, all of these New York eateries will satisfy your longing for …

April 25, 2010

Places to see before you die: Reasons to add New York City to the list

… or dine in a luxurious restaurant almost anywhere you go you’ll find a good service and high-quality food. Dining in New York can be both classic and truly unique.

4. Shopping

Manhattan Fifth Avenue Do these words ring any bells to …

April 16, 2010

The best Italian restaurants in New York City, New York

… ’s everything from upscale, fine dining, to no-frills pizza parlors. Whatever you fancy, you’ll find it somewhere in New York!

If upscale dining is what you’re after, try Scalinatella on 61st and Third Avenue. There you’ll find a fabulous …

April 15, 2010

Best vegetarian restaurants in New York City

… of salads, pasta, and tofu for the veggie kind of a person.

The third and final vegetarian restaurant in New York city is Supermac, a restaurant that specializes in cheese as wells as the vegetarian cuisine. Located between twenty ninth and …

April 9, 2010

A singles guide to visiting New York City

I have a hard job, I am a high school teacher, and going to New York alone helps me take my mind off my job. I never think about the stress of my job when I am in New York. I always feel light and bubbly. Shopping and eating does that to you!

March 26, 2010

Before you go: New York

… spread on tables along most of the avenues jewelry, books, hats, fashion knock-offs.

Walk. It’s what New Yorkers do.

2. Eat. New Yorkers do that too. Outdoor hot dog and bagel stands abound and restaurants, like the shops, offer …

Best hot dog stands in New York City

… taste as good as it does in Central Park.

Or Coney Island.

A hot dog is a hot dog. But eating hot dogs from of either of these New York institutions is a vital part of the Big Apple experience.

Badda boom…badda bing!

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